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Anmeldelser om Sex, bar i Berlin, Tyskland - Rivabar, The LIR, Dunmore Cave, Kilkenny, Offside, Cliffs of Dooneen, Oscar Wilde Irish Pub, Reingold, Irish Harp.
Berlin's Berghain is famed for its groundbreaking sounds and X-rated Oratory, the gay sex club (Crisco is sold at the bar) that takes up space.
Idiot tourist wanders into Berlin nightclub, sees gay sex, writes must-read I was in Berlin a couple weeks ago and I was sitting in my hotel bar.

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Berghain nightclub in Berlin, Germany.. Have we got it right? Tattoos are de rigueur, of course. The seating is in the bar. The whole club is the gay section! Sex cinema bar. Berlin. Red-Light_Districts
berlin sex bar Berghain is the most well-known club in Berlin - and also one of the worldwide most famous clubs. The food is outstanding. First of all, the building is enormous. The rise in visitors from London and New York and San Francisco means not only swarms of non-German speakers getting drunk in Berlin parks, but the encroachment of globalized mass capitalism into Berlin's anarcho-bohemian bubble. At these events, a lot of people feel pressured to partake in the lechery and transform into some berlin sex bar Casanova willing to experience dating sites liste from spankings to sexual electrocution.