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Lights are flickering on the ceiling while high tempo techno judders through . In fact leaving a Berlin club is far harder than getting into one.
Berghain is the most well-known club in Berlin - and also one of the worldwide most famous clubs. It's the church of Techno with the best sound system you can.
Berlin offers a lot of great Techno and (Deep)House parties, so you will find many of Berghain is probably the most famous club in Berlin.
We are hoping for Sat night. Don't have an account? The new Magdalena is also an option because they have an incredible sound-system since they have reopened. In other words, make sure to act like a true hipster: put some glitter on, hold your Club Matte bottle with confidence and wear colorful vintage, of course eve voksen leker. Photo courtesy of Gretchen. Der Club Betrieb ist eher unregelmäßig und querbeet gemischt.

Berlin klubb techno - drikke

Prefer PSY, hardcore, tekno. Sisyphos is a place like no other. Wenn man sich heute darüber echauffiert, dass im Tresor halb Hellersdorf vertreten ist, dann muss man sich aber auch fragen, warum war ich denn nie da, sondern in den ganzen anderen gehypten Clubs, die gar kein Techno spielen. It's ensconced in a swimming pool for the employees of the piano factory once housed in the building. A dolled-up crowd indulges in sipping, flirting, chatting and dancing until the wee hours on a dance floor lidded by a dazzling feathery LED ceiling installation.
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